War of the triple Alliance



Comparisons of the Armies and Navies 



At the beginning of the war, the military force of the Triple Alliance was inferior to that of Paraguay, which included more than 60,000 well-trained men - 38,000 of whom were immediately under arms - and a naval squadron of 23 vapores ( steamships ) and five river-navigating ships, based around the gunboat the Tacuari.Its artillery included about 400 cannons.



The armies of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay were a fraction of the total size of the Paraguayan army. Argentina had approximately 8,500 regular troops and a squadron of four vapores and one goleta. Uruguay entered the war with fewer than 2,000 men and no navy. Many of Brazil's 16,000 troops were initially located in its southern garrisons. The Brazilian advantage, though, was in its navy: 42 ships with 239 cannons and about 4,000 well trained crew. A great part of the squadron already met in the River Plate basin, where it had acted, under the Marquis of Tamandaré, in the intervention against Aguirre.


Argentinian navy ship Tacuari


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