The War of the Pacific

April 5, 1879 – October 20, 1883

Chile vs Bolivia & Peru

Guerra del Pacífico





Battle of Topáter 

 March 23, 1879


Bolivian Civilian defenders of the Battle of Topáter


The Battle of Topáter ( now Calama, Chile ),  Spanish: Batalla de Calama, on March 23, 1879 was the first of the war. On their way to occupy Calama, 554 Chilean troops and cavalry were opposed by 135 Bolivian soldiers and civilian residents led by Dr. Ladislao Cabrera ( 1830 - 1921 ), dug in at two destroyed bridges; calls to surrender were rejected before and during the battle. Outnumbered and low on ammunition, most of the Bolivian force withdrew, except for a small group of civilians led by Colonel Eduardo Abaroa, that fought to the end. The Bolivians were forced to retire with a loss of 20 killed or wounded and 30 prisoners, including one colonel and two other officers. The Chilean loss in killed and wounded was 12 men.


Scene of Dr. Ladislao Cabrera leading the civilian defender

At the Plaza Litoral inmortaliza a Héroes del Pacífico Bolivia .


Battle of Topáter


Further ground battles would not take place until the war at sea was resolved.




 Causes of the War  


   Bolivia Declares War


The War at Sea

 The Chilean Navy

Huáscar's Exploits